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A Prism of Colors

The Australian Labradoodle comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Each combination is beautiful in its unique expression. Lighting can change the colors, with summer sun often causing the outer coat to highlight in lighter shades. Silvering or graying may give the coat a distinctive look. Coats often have a slight to dramatic amount of softening of color over the years.

Despite all the stunning medleys, there are four basic colorations: black, chocolate, caramel (yellow with chocolate pigment) and cream/red (yellow with black pigment).

Black Pigment Colors

All dogs in this category have dark brown eyes, black noses, gums and paw pads. Black and cream/red are the colors in this category and appear with a variety of beautifully individual shades and highlights. The descriptions may range in name from black, blue, or silver to cream, apricot, gold or red.


Chocolate Pigment Colors

All dogs in this category have brown noses and lighter, usually hazel, eyes and brown paw pads. Chocolate and caramel are the two basic colors in this category.

Intensity of the hue in chocolate and caramel can range from a dark to light. Puppies coats may start out darker in tone, then soften in time with hues of cream. Color names for chocolate range from cafe, milk chocolate, and latte to lavender and parchment. The caramel coloration ranges from light to a dark rich shading of the yellow gene.



White Marking