About Us

Hidden Springs Labradoodles is dedicated to creating healthy, loving companions that families like yours can cherish for many years. The experiences you have and the memories you build with them are priceless, and that’s what drives us to produce and nurture the healthiest Australian Labradoodles with the highest pedigree.

Our story officially began in 2017, when Carol Rebbecchi wanted to start breeding Labradoodles. Her husband, Mike Rebbecchi, bred Labradors, so they had a foundation of experience to start their next endeavor. Since our founding, Hidden Springs Labradoodles has established a Labradoodle breeding program focused both on the well-being and health of the individual canine, and the quality of their lineage and pedigree.

Meet Our Owners

Meet Our Owners

Here in Southern New Jersey, we understand the joy and love Australian Labradoodles bring into people's lives. Michael and Carol Rebbecchi have been passionate about these amazing dogs for over 13 years, ever since they welcomed their first Australian Labradoodle, Kona, into their family. Kona quickly became a beloved member of their household, and her playful and affectionate nature brought so much happiness to their lives.

Inspired by the incredible bond they formed with Kona, they decided to expand their family by adopting another Australian Labradoodle named Autumn. It was truly a heartwarming experience to see Kona and Autumn grow and bond together, creating a dynamic and loving environment in their home. It was then that Hidden Springs Labradoodles, LLC was born.

Mike and Carol want to share their love for these wonderful dogs with other people and show them what true happiness is. Their mission is to provide families with happy, healthy, and well-socialized Australian Labradoodles. They take great pride in their breeding program, which focuses on producing dogs of the highest quality with exceptional temperaments and non-shedding, allergy-friendly coats. Our dogs are not only incredibly adorable but also have the perfect temperament for families, therapy work, and service work.

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