Adopting Your Australian Labradoodle Purchase Information

When breeding is done correctly, it is very costly. Our Australian Labradoodle puppies are $3500, and require a $500 deposit when completing a puppy application. We do extensive testing on all our breeding dogs to make sure their gene pools are excellent, and to certify that you are receiving a healthy puppy to bring home to your family. There are stud fees, vaccinations, supplies, microchipping, and veterinary costs, as well. Every single one of our puppies is hand-delivered in our home, so part of the cost helps to cover the time it takes for us to raise each puppy properly before they are welcomed into your home. We do not have pole buildings, garages, or kennels.

Hidden Springs Labradoodles offers a lifetime of support with 24/7 access to us by phone or email. To cover all the expenses listed above and ensure the quality of the puppy you adopt, we must charge this amount. Please contact us with any questions.

What You Need to Get Started

What You Need to Get Started

Here’s how to begin the process of adopting your Australian Labradoodle puppy:

  • First, fill out our puppy application so we can learn more about what you want in a new best friend.
  • Submit the application as well as a $500 deposit.
  •  We will reach out and contact you as soon as possible unless there is no puppy availability listed on our website.
  • Once we accept your application, you can submit your deposit to reserve your spot on our waiting list.
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Next Litter of Puppies due (Approx)

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 What to Expect

What to Expect

After the next litter is born, we will keep you involved as the puppies grow by posting pictures of them on our website and sending you weekly email updates. As the puppies’ personalities develop, we will begin matching them according to what you are looking for and taking your lifestyle into consideration.
When the puppies are about 4 weeks old, you will be asked to pay the remainder of the purchase price ($3,000 plus tax).

Once the puppies have reached 7 weeks old, we will match you with the puppy that best suits your individual preferences and specific needs. At that time, we will also send you a photo of your puppy. When your new best friend is between 8 and 9 weeks old, they’ll be ready to join your family!

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What Your New Family Member Will Have

What Your New Family Member Will Have

When you welcome your new four-legged family member into your home, know they are coming to you with all the things they need to begin a healthy, happy life.

This includes:

  • Registration with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA)
  • 2-year health guarantee
  • Microchipping
  • DA2PP and Bordetella immunizations and 5 worming treatments
  • A blanket with the mother's scent
  • A puppy that is well-socialized with adults, children, dogs, and other animals
  • A puppy that is crate-trained (our puppies start sleeping in their crates at approximately 5 weeks)
  • Lots of love from children and adults
  • Support from Hidden Springs Labradoodles that lasts the life of your pet
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Our Visitation Policy

Our Visitation Policy

At Hidden Springs Labradoodles, we do not take visitors into our home. Please understand that we are a small in-home breeder and do not have a kennel facility available for visitation. With multiple requests to visit each week, we cannot handle the interruptions to our home life or the care of our puppies.

Additionally, parvovirus is a real threat to the lives of young puppies who are not fully vaccinated, and their health and safety are our highest priorities. Canine parvovirus is a deadly communicable disease transferred on shoes, clothes, tires, and hands and can easily be picked up and carried on the soles of your shoes without you knowing you have been exposed! The disease can also live in the soil for up to 3 years. Please understand our no-visitor policy; it is only for the sanity of our family and the safety of our puppies! Also, when planning a trip to our home to pick up your new puppy, we ask that you not visit other places where dogs have been prior to visiting. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation!