Our Upcoming Labradoodle Puppy Litters

We can’t wait for you to see our upcoming Australian Labradoodle litters. Please keep in mind that every litter is subject to the whims of mother nature and may not arrive on the expected date. We will provide updates on our litters as promptly as possible to keep you informed. We cannot always control the outcomes, but we do our very best to ensure the health of our dogs and puppies.

See below to learn more about our upcoming litters and reach out to us if you have questions!

Dog Walking
Dog In Field
Pup With Tennis Ball
Dog By Tree
Dog And Bow
Dog In Bandana
Coming Soon in 2024

Coming Soon in 2024

Next Litter of Puppies due (Approx)

Macie and Scotch

Macie and Scotch

Will Produce:
Chocolate, Black, Possible Sable
Expected Due Date:
March 12, 2024